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John’s Wood Floors Specialist/ Accent Floors is your first and only choice for floor installation in Annapolis, MD. We take our business very seriously and are interested in completing every floor installation project for our customers. As your qualified flooring contractor, you can count on us to get your job done on time, at the best price, and with professional craftsmanship. Whether it is genuine wood or laminate floor installation, our company is prepared to service your entire residential or commercial property.

What are some of the benefits of going with professional floor installation at your home?

• Durability—Next to your roof, your floors take a beating. Although it may not seem like it, but every time someone walks on your floor your floor is subjected to stress. Imagine the stress load on your floor after years—or decades—of traffic? Professional floor installation will ensure that your floors are up for the challenge.

• Professional Workmanship—Our professionals know how to get the job done. When you choose professional service, you have nothing to fear!

• Best Pricing—As your flooring contractor, John’s Wood Floor Specialist/ Accent Floors can guarantee you the best pricing per square foot. We always enjoy helping our customers keep more of their hard-earned money in their bank account!

We have many options that you can choose form. Our specialists are well-trained on providing your floors distinct diversity and appeal. If you are in need of floor installation at your property, call us for your floor installation estimate. The sooner you can give us a call the faster our crew can be of service to you! Do not hesitate!